About the Customer Experience and Resident Engagement conference 2025.

About the event

A thought-provoking day of rich content, reflective practice, stimulating ideas, and helpful challenge. Loved it.

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Trent and Dove Housing Association

The Customer Experience and Resident Engagement conference has come about as a result of significant change, challenges and progress for our sector when it comes to these topics. Housing associations have been leading their own proactive strategies and many have signed up to the Together with Tenants charter. This year we also see the proactive enforcement of the new consumer standards set out in the Social Housing Regulation Act.

Supported by the Tenant Advisory Panel for Together with Tenants, this is the most resident-focused event in our calendar. This conference features speakers from housing associations, membership bodies and government. We bring you case studies from in and outside the housing sector and inspiring stories. Throughout this event, we have a serious of carefully curated roundtables focused on new insights and providing a space to talk through challenges you might be facing.

The Customer Experience and Resident Engagement conference brings resident voice to the very front. Housing association residents sit on panels, take part in roundtables and the exhibition.

No matter where you are on your journey with residents, this conference will ensure you take the right next step.

About the event

Brilliantly organised and delivered.


What happened at our 2024 conference?

In February this year, we hosted the first Customer Experience and Resident Engagement conference. This conferences off the back of several significant years in this area of social housing. As Kate Henderson said in her opening remarks "there has been a huge amount of change in the area of resident engagement and customer experience".

Culture change and consistency were themes throughout the day. Many speakers have emphasised the importance of strong leadership and the diversity of our sector, and how no one size fits all when it comes to resident engagement.

In the morning, we discussed what an inclusive customer-focused culture looks like. We then discussed the new consumer standards, which came into force from April. Kate Dodsworth spoke about how these have been shaped by resident and colleague feedback and other speakers spoke about underestimating the role of boards in shaping an inclusive, customer-focused culture.

In our breakout sessions, we covered a range of topics from skills in formal governance roles to safeguarding residents and staff. Delegates also took part in a unique workshop on reimagining resident empowerment.

The afternoon featured a session on challenging negative perceptions. Speakers made crucial points about tackling stigma and the power of treating everyone as a human being first and foremost. The day then ended with an outward-looking session on achieving excellent satisfaction, which highlighted the importance of getting the basics right every time, particularly with regards to managing complaints.

We want to thank the Together with Tenants: Tenant Advisory Panel and the members of our advisory board who helped us organise our 2024 event and of course everyone who attended on the day.

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About the event

Such an innovative event. Great networking opportunities, but most importantly, good to have a focus all day on one specific area that is really challenging the sector currently.